Fermented Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to indulge, but adding fermented food to your holiday plans can save you time, money and stomach space. Stop competing with family members for space in the oven and refrigerator on Turkey Day. All of these recipes can be made over the weekend before Thanksgiving.

But who wants to eat fermented foods instead of mashed potatoes or gravy? Finding fermented alternatives to Thanksgiving staples is easier than you might think. Try these healthier alternatives this year:

Fermented Cranberry Relish:

This recipe from Well Preserved uses cranberries, salt and ginger for an alternative to a typical sweet cranberry sauce. This recipe would add a perfect pop of flavor to turkey and stuffing. It’s also a good way to use up extra cranberries after Thanksgiving.

Recipe: Fermented Cranberries and Ginger


Brussels Sprout Sauerkraut:

Brussels sprouts are a Thanksgiving essential for me, and this recipe for sauerkraut made with Brussels sprouts is a great way to liven up traditional roasted sprouts. Like sauerkraut, it just takes vegetables, water, salt and patience.

Recipe: Brussels sprouts sauerkraut 

Photo via Pinch and Swirl

Kefir Ice Cream:

If you have to have ice cream with your Thanksgiving pie, switch out the traditional dessert for kefir ice cream. It has all the probiotic benefits of kefir  sweetened with honey and thickened with an egg-based custard. This recipe is for vanilla — perfect for topping pumpkin or pecan pie!

If you don’t have time to ferment your own kefir, you can buy it at most grocery stores and use an ice cream maker.

Recipe: Kefir Ice Cream



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